'Bring home more' out now!

'bring home more' on iTunes


Here's a cheeky new release... a new laid back version of 'Follow Me' complete with full band, harmonies & banjo!

More cool news! My songs 'What you got' & 'We Like' are being used in Series 4 of 'Winners & Losers' on Channel 7! And I've got a brand new music video for 'What you got' too! Thanks to Lara Zoe Allen, Clare Conway & Lowri Best for making the vid!

The first crowd photo on my tour with Wendy Matthews. SOLD OUT show in Yeppoon!

New Tour Dates!!!

So much fun making a mash up of 2 beautiful songs for a gorgeous couple (you know who you are!) Happy Anniversary lovely people! The songs: First day of my life by Bright eyes & I'm yours by Jason Mraz. The team: Ryan Conway on guitar & Logan Brewster as studio engineer, mastering, & film clip maker

Just got the big news... My new songs 'We Like', 'Cool Water' & 'What You Got' are being played on 64 radio stations across the country! So stoked! An enormous thank you to every single station!!! Kx

Finally the secret is out... and there's a good reason to turn on your tele! I'm the new voice & face of the 'Summer of Capricorn' campaign with my song 'We Like'. Head to my blog to hear all about it. And here's the extended verion! Enjoy x

I've been busy shooting the music video for 'What You Got'. You'll be able to see that in a few weeks, but here's some pics to get you started..  

Want to help get my new song 'Cool Water' played on JJJ??? Was that a yes? YEEEEESSSSS! Okay all you need to do is text 0439 75 7555 or phone 1300 0555 36 and request it!!! Thank you! You're the BESTEST EVERRRRRRR! And here's a sneaky pic from the Gladstone show of my recent tour, The Village Festival Road Trip.

Yeah! 'Bring home more' is out now! Let's celebrate with this new video for 'cool water'!!!


June 03 - 'Artists and dates for The Village Festival Road Trip 2013 Announced! artists announced



May 20 - Just finished recording 'bring home more' at Studios 301.